Say it with barley

If you’re going to make a grand gesture, why not make it as grand as possible. How about writing your marriage proposal using crop circles. 

In 2004, a would-be groom enlisted the services of mapping specialists GISmatters to create the world’s biggest marriage proposal. The 100-foot high proposal was revealed to the lovely Tammy from an aeroplane. Let’s hope she was impressed. You can still see the proposal on Google maps 

Would you say yes?

Or say it with words

So you  may not be ‘up’ for something as grand as this, but this is your chance to bid for something rather special to show that special someone just how much you love them. 

Join the Adopt A Word auction on ebay and the word Love’ could be yours as unique Valentine’s Day gift. 

The auction starts at 10pm on Thursday 3rd Febuary and bidding closes at 10pm on the 13th Febuary. 

The winner will receive a special adoption certificate for their valentine and exclusive ownership of the word for one year. 

And what’s more, all money raised by the auction will help children who struggle to find the words they need to communicate.
So say it with words this year and place your bid now…. 

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